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Women's Circle



"The Women's Circle is a support group for women to share and explore, empower, build skills,

and encourage one another to live authentically in mind, body, heart and spirit. "


The Circles may occur once or twice a week with a small group of women for a duration of 10 weeks or longer.

These sessions are held here at the Women's Centre and are led by trained service providers.


During the Women's Circle there are meaningful discussions, creative arts and skill building activities.

The focus is on topics and issues that are relevant to the lives of the participants. Topics include:

 - relationships

- personality styles

- self-care

-interpersonal safety

- setting boundaries

 - and more...


Through these caring circles, women may gain self-esteem, confidence and skills

to live their lives

with a fuller purpose and reinforce their roles within their

families, community, society and the world at large.








2011 One Circle Foundation : A Project of the Tides Center

458 Christensen Lane, Cotali, California 94931

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